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Installed automated-I.V. solution production line in South Africa
Date 2015-07-27 18:06:15
MEDIPHARMPLAN has installed latest version of FFS(Form-Fill-Seal) machine lines, fully automated I.V. production line with integrated over-wrapping machine line, at the site of AICC(Adcock Ingram Critical Care), number one company in I.V. field in South Africa
AICC started to produce NON-PVC I.V. bag finished solutions converting from PVC materials by cooperating with MEDIPHARMPLAN.
This company will supply NON-PVC bags, finished and readymade, to most of African countries as they are now.
Both companies also agreed to build up two(2) more automation lines by the end of 2016.
This way AICC would dominate the existing market and lead the new one in the same way with capacity of 50 Million bags per annum starting early 2017.
Succeeded in obtaining Turn-key orders from Indonesia 
Invited Buyers from Indonesia for I.V. plant-touring